Motor Crazy - Tracking An  Obsession With Motor Vehicles

Motor Crazy - Tracking an Obsession With Motor Vehicles

Why Your Next Flat Tyre Could Give You a Nasty Surprise

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Are you the proud owner of a second-hand car that is only a few months old and is in exceptional condition? If so, you may have picked up a bargain here and know that you won't have to deal with those initial depreciation costs. However, this vehicle may not come with a comprehensive warranty linked to a breakdown service, so you may be on your own if something were to happen when you're motoring. While you may be aware of this, you may not be aware of the potential risk ahead should you get a puncture. What kind of surprise could you experience when you first open the boot in that situation?

Where's the Spare?

You may not realise until that fateful moment that many new car manufacturers do not include a spare wheel anymore. Often, they cite weight savings and performance gains as part of their reasoning, although they may include a tyre inflation kit instead. However, this type of kit may not be completely reliable if you've been unfortunate enough to sustain structural damage to your flat tyre as well. In this case, you may struggle to reinflate the cover in question and may find that you are simply stuck by the side of the road.

Calling in the Troops

If you don't have the luxury of a comprehensive warranty, then you may need to call for emergency roadside assistance. In this case, they will have to tow your vehicle back to a tyre depot or to your home, so that you can get this dealt with in safety.

Could This Be Avoided?

Of course, you have to be rather unlucky to sustain considerable damage to a tyre and perhaps this was due to running over glass or other debris on the road. You could try and avoid a puncture scenario by conducting a routine inspection of each tyre on a weekly basis to look for any anomalies and this type of proactivity may be able to uncover an issue before it develops into a full-blown puncture.

Getting a Spare of Your Own

With all this in mind, you may choose to buy a spare wheel and tyre on your own just to be safe, although you may not find somewhere "logical" to place it due to the manufacturer's streamlined design. Nevertheless, it's always best to be safe rather than sorry so you can enjoy some uninterrupted motoring instead.


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