Motor Crazy - Tracking An  Obsession With Motor Vehicles

Motor Crazy - Tracking an Obsession With Motor Vehicles

Services Offered by Towing Companies That You Didn't Know About

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When most people think of towing companies, they picture a service that is only dedicated towards removing broken-down or illegally parked vehicles from the road. While this is an essential part of their services, towing companies offer much more than simple vehicle towing from the roadside.

In fact, you will find that towing companies often specialise in multiple aspects of vehicle and truck repair, in addition to offering both short- and long-distance towing services. Here are some very useful services offered by towing companies that you may not have been aware of.

Heavy-duty towing

It is not just smaller vehicles such as sedans and SUVs that can break down by the roadside. There are also cases where trucks, buses and vans can break down, for many different reasons. It is even more important for such larger vehicles to be removed from the road as soon as possible because they can result in significant inconveniences when they block the road or leave passengers stranded.

Many towing companies offer heavy-duty towing, where larger vehicles can be moved to where they need to go. This may involve the use of larger tow trucks with a higher pull capacity.

Emergency roadside repair

Not only do towing companies move damaged or broken-down vehicles, but they might also offer roadside repair. They can send out technicians to check your vehicle for any common issues that can be handled without the need for towing the vehicle.

For example, common issues such as a dead battery, being locked out of your car, and low fuel/fluid levels can be handled by towing technicians.

Towing over long distances

Don't think that tow trucks simply move your vehicle from the highway to the nearest garage. They can also tow your vehicle over long distances, such as across state lines.

This service can enable you to transport your vehicle safely while moving, whether the car is damaged or in good condition.

Safe driving tips

Towing companies have seen it all—from cars stuck in snow to vehicles involved in an accident. Therefore, they can use their knowledge and expertise to provide tips on how to drive safely. This is especially important during periods of inclement weather or while driving along slippery roads.

Towing companies offer safety tips in many different ways. Some may include the tips in a brochure you get when you seek their services, while others may use their online platforms to provide this useful information.

Contact a local towing service for more information.


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