Motor Crazy - Tracking An  Obsession With Motor Vehicles

Motor Crazy - Tracking an Obsession With Motor Vehicles

How to Make Sure You Pass Your Heavy Vehicle Test the First Time

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If you like the idea of driving a heavy vehicle on the open road because it will give you a sense of achievement and purpose, then you will need to get a specific licence to enable you to do so. Some people like the idea of driving these larger vehicles instead of a smaller or rigid truck, especially as it gives them more opportunities for long-distance driving. Yet you have to be very careful before you apply for your licence so that you will pass with flying colours, and there's more involved here than with a standard car or small truck test. What do you need to focus on to make sure that you pass the first time you apply for your heavy vehicle licence?

Pre-Drive Checks

When you're in charge of a vehicle like this you have to make sure that it is fit for the purpose and roadworthy, and to do so, you have to do a pre-check before you crank up the ignition. You need to check all the fluids, look at the tyres, open up the front and check the engine. You need to have a quick look over the vehicle body, check that all the lights are working, drain the air tanks and give the fuel tank a once-over. If you don't know how to do all of these checks efficiently and in order, you may not pass your test under the watchful gaze of the assessor.

Practise, Practise

As with many areas of life, practise makes perfect in the driving arena. You may have plenty of experience driving a car or smaller truck, but you definitely need to spend some time in a driver training school before you attempt a test. The instructors will help you get rid of any bad habits you may have picked up and ensure that you are perfectly in tune with the driving etiquette required. You need to use far more of your mirrors when you drive this type of truck, must ensure that you are very smooth on the clutch when changing gears and have to pay particular attention to your cornering speeds.

Extra Tips

When you are getting ready for your test, make sure that you choose a vehicle that you are very familiar with. After all, it's not a good idea to add additional pressure when the assessor is sitting next to you.

You should also become familiar with the test routes used by the assessor, as they tend to be fairly routine. You will be able to picture how you would drive during the test and can even practise some other manoeuvres, so you don't leave anything to chance.


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Motor Crazy - Tracking An  Obsession With Motor Vehicles

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