Motor Crazy - Tracking An  Obsession With Motor Vehicles

Motor Crazy - Tracking an Obsession With Motor Vehicles

Two Tips for First-Time Car Owners

Johnny Richardson

If you have just bought your first car, here are some tips that you might want to keep in mind.

Don't wait until your car breaks down to visit your mechanic.

Many first-time car owners make the mistake of only contacting a mechanic when their vehicles have already fallen into a state of disrepair and are broken down as a result of this.This then usually leads to very expensive repair bills or their vehicles being written off because the damage is too extensive. If you want to avoid experiencing these issues, you should get to know your mechanic whilst your vehicle is still in good working order.

You should, for example, visit your mechanic at least once a year, so that they can service your car. There are many benefits associated with having your vehicle periodically serviced, including improved fuel economy, better road performance and a lower risk of breakdowns.

Additionally, you should also visit your mechanic if you notice minor changes to your car, as this can enable the mechanic to spot problems and nip them in the bud before they reach the point where they become expensive or complicated to fix. For example, if you notice that your coolant levels are dropping low soon after you top them up, going to the mechanic could allow them to identify and seal up a hole in the coolant lines. This could then prevent the engine from sustaining massive, irreparable, heat-induced damage.

Get to grips with preventative maintenance.

It's important not to assume that your annual or bi-annual servicing appointments will be enough to keep your car in tip-top condition. The truth is that if you don't familiarise yourself with the basics of preventative car maintenance, there is a good chance that your vehicle's road performance will decline and its components will deteriorate prematurely.

Simple tasks, like maintaining the right air pressure levels in your tyres, can minimise the risk of the tyres bursting or developing punctures. Likewise, topping up your vehicle's engine oil when you need to can keep the engine's valuable components lubricated, which can in turn prevent them from being destroyed by friction.

Similarly, replacing your vehicle's brake pads as soon as you hear the tell-tale screeching sound (which indicates that they have worn out) will stop the other major parts of the brake system from sustaining friction-related damage.

In short, performing a small amount of car maintenance regularly will help to keep your car performing well, for longer.


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Motor Crazy - Tracking An  Obsession With Motor Vehicles

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