Motor Crazy - Tracking An  Obsession With Motor Vehicles

Motor Crazy - Tracking an Obsession With Motor Vehicles

  • Making Your Foreign Travel Easy

    Travelling is fun, fulfilling, rewarding and an excellent way to connect with self and family. It is an opportunity to look back, reflect and focus on the future. Whether you are traveling for business or going on a deserved vacation, it is essential to make your trip worth remembering. Taking the time to plan before the trip will make the difference. So how can you make that foreign trip easy? 

  • How to Make Sure That Your 4x4 Is Ready for Your First Adventure

    If you have a winding, unpaved drive that leads from the public road to your residence, you may not need to worry if your standard car or truck can deal with this. If you only venture onto gravel-filled country roads occasionally, you may be able to get away with a "stock" four-wheel-drive vehicle from your dealer. However, if you have some exciting adventures planned that will take you deep into the Bush on a regular basis, you need to take a long and hard look at the 4x4 that you just acquired.

  • Two Tips for First-Time Car Owners

    If you have just bought your first car, here are some tips that you might want to keep in mind. Don't wait until your car breaks down to visit your mechanic. Many first-time car owners make the mistake of only contacting a mechanic when their vehicles have already fallen into a state of disrepair and are broken down as a result of this.This then usually leads to very expensive repair bills or their vehicles being written off because the damage is too extensive.

  • 4 Signs You Need Your Parking Brake Cable Repaired or Replaced

    Most modern vehicles have electronic parking brakes. All you need to do is push a button on your dashboard or centre console to have the parking brakes engaged. However, those behind the wheel of slightly older cars will probably have a manual handbrake. A handbrake handle in the cabin is connected to a handbrake cable that runs to the vehicle's back wheels. Handbrake cables are made out of metal, which means they will deteriorate over time no matter what you do.

  • What You Should Do If Your Car Finally Gives up the Ghost

    Have you wrung every last ounce out of your trusty car? You may be somebody who likes to hang on to their possessions and doesn't see the need to upgrade just for the sake of it. If so, you may have several thousand kilometres on your vehicle's clock and understand that it is finally time to move on. However, you realise that you will not get any value on the second-hand market for this "

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Motor Crazy - Tracking An  Obsession With Motor Vehicles

Welcome to my little road on the web. I'm Sara Rowley and I'm simply crazy about motor vehicles and driving! I have taken my family of four boys all the way from Townsville to the Cape. We also followed the path of Burke and Wills to the Dig Tree. Of course, I've garnered a little bit of knowledge about vehicles and how they operate. There aren't many mechanics on the Strzelecki Track! However, I mostly avoid problems by getting advice from experts and finding the best maintenance services to keep my vehicles in tip-top shape. Consequently, my friends and family are always picking my brain about where to go when they want to buy a new vehicle or get repair work done. I thought it would be useful to keep this blog so that everyone who loves motor vehicles can share their joy and knowledge.